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"We Were Perplexed" Terrified Residents Living Adjacent to Collapsed Building Narrate the Experience

The residents of Kinoo in Kiambu County have been left shocked by the incident whereby a building that was being constructed leaned on one side towards a residential area.

According to reliable reports, the residents living in Crestwood apartment adjacent to the collapsed building narrated the terrific experience and how the building leaned to one side.

One of the residents stated that they heard a bang at night and dust filled the air which alerted them and got them flee out of their homes which had started having cracks too.

"We have spent the night in the cold."

A five-storey building under construction in Regen, near Kinoo collapsed and leaned on the adjacent building at midnight.

The residents of the adjacent building were left in absolute terror when the building collapsed, leaning on their balconies and bedrooms.

"It was around midnight when I heard a loud voice followed by a bang then a lot of dust." The reports stated.

The terrified residents have started leaving from the area for the fear of their safety as police officers take control of the situation.

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