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Kenyans Should Practice Family Planning As A Way Of Reducing Family Burdens Says Ministry For Health

Minister for health Dr. Kephas Nyamita has urged Kenyans to practice family planning, while speaking yesterday in the evening while at Migori county, he gave many reasons that are backing his speech. He explained how the overpopulated families are suffering and how family planning will help them.

Mr. Kephas Nyamita said yesterday while in Migori that there are many parents in his county who cannot afford to take care of their families because they are overburdened by the expenses since many of them have low income. This situation has made many children to suffer as many of them cannot even afford to have basic things in life such as food at plenty or proper education.

He continued to state in the previous day at the same time while in Migori that using family planning will ease the burden of many families because parents will have the number of children whom they can comfortably take good care of.

While he was addressing the media yesterday in his place of work, he gave various family planning methods that should be used, and why Kenyans should use the methods that best goes by their bodies. He explained how these family planning methods works, they work by preventing the sperms from reaching the ovum of a woman thereby making sure no fertilization takes place.

Some of the health organizations in the country of recent are also proposing that teenagers from the age of fifteen years should be included in the family planning program, because they are the most affected. They said that this will help them to avoid early unplanned pregnancies. 

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