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What Kenya Should Borrow From India, Iran And China Other Than Loans

Kenya has been on the headlines for the past few weeks for borrowing; borrowing money from lenders such as IMF and World bank to finance a number of projects and even most recently,to help in the fight against covid-19.Kenyans have been up in arms even asking the international lenders funnily on social media to desist from further loaning the government any money but funnily enough,the International Monetary Fund (IMF) went ahead and lent Kenya kshs 272 billion the government applied for.

In as much as i am against spirit of borrowing more so financially,i am however of the opinion that there are some things that we can borrow specifically from India and Iran,and it is the manner in which they treat sex pests and corrupt individuals.

We have seen a surge in sexual abuse and corruption where the the country has lpst a lot of money to corruption for instance,the Anglo-leasing and Goldenberg cases in kenya in the recent past and a contuining trend that is worrying and needs to be firmly dealt with to discourage the act within the country.

In China,corruption is a capital offence that is punishable by death of the offender and the government confiscates the person's wealth to actbas a deterence other individuals who may think of engaging in corruption.If the same mechanism of handling corruption is replicated in Kenya then corruption would cease to exist.

Another issue is sex abuse cases such as rape and defilement cases.In Iran,4 sex pests were publicly executed by hanging after raping a woman in front of the husband as can be seen in the picture attached below.In India,sex pests are also thoroughly dealt with for instance,the hanging of the men that gang raped a woman in a bus.If this was to be replicated in Kenya,i am of the opinion that sexual abuse cases will be non-existent.I believe that Kenya should borrow this practice of executing hardcore sex pests from this two countries

Kindly share this so that we get other people's opinion over this issue.Let's engage in the comment section so that we discuss this issue at length.

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