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TODAY IN HISTORY; 23rd November, Find out the events which have occurred on this date.

1.2009 Maguindanao massacre in the Philippines.

In the recorded history, this is considered to be the worst attack on journalists to have ever happened. The massacre happened in the southern Philippines, leaving 57 people en route to register voters in Esmael Mangudadatu for the upcoming gubernatorial elections dead. Out of the people killed on that day, 34 people were journalists.

2. 2005 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf becomes the first Woman president.

The 2011 Nobel peace prize made history on this day, becoming the president of Liberia and also the first woman to be elected as a president in African continent.

3.1976 Jacques Mayol becomes the First person to dive 100 meters in the sea without breathing equipment.

 The Frenchman, who is is popularly known as Dolphin Man, was 49 years old by then. He went on later to break his on record after seven years for diving 105 meters.

4.1963 Doctor Who debuts on TV.

The longest running science fiction TV show first aired with an episode called An Earthly Child on the British Broadcasting Channel. The show that has had 11 different actors play the lead role, follows the time-traveling adventures of Doctor Who, who uses the Time and Relative Dimension in Space or TARDIS to jump around in time and space.

5.1910 Johan Alfred Ander became the Last person to be executed in Sweden.

Johan was found guilty of murdering Victoria Hellsten during a robbery which involved currency exchange.He was the only person in the history of Sweden to be executed using a guillotine. Capital punishment was abolished for all peacetime crimes in 1921 and for all crimes in 1973.


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