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Road Accident

Train Accident In Karatina

(I/C)Accident in Karatina where a train and transist got into a head on collision (I/C).

An accident has just happened in Karatina today where a transist mode of a lorry and and train have been involved in a head on collision.

According to sources close to us, the owner of the lorry which was ferrying drinks was passing a road across the railway line when suddenly the it was hit on what they termed us poor distance calculations.

Individuals at the scene managed to rescue the victims tothough reports of the injured and dead has not yet been disclosed.on the other hand, police have been having a tough time despatching looters who have been stealing drinks.

Authorities have promised to do thorough investigations on the matter. In the meantime efforts to collect the debris from the scene are ongoing with those who have information being requested to give to help in investigations.

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