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Reasons Why New Buildings Are Covered In Green Cloths

Just like any other building in a company or an individual, it is good you construct your house under the right measures and regulations. For instance, make sure your building is under the correct construction acts and in accordance to the set laws. If possible ensure you go for the right and safest precautions to avoid inconveniences. Furthermore, it is for your own safety and that of others. Have you ever wondered why a green cover is used around buildings that are under construction? The reason behind being covered with green cloth has been told not to distract the attention of the worker or that he should not be distracted by suddenly seeing himself at such a high height. Apart from this, there should not be any mental pressure on them. The cover also cautions people who are passing by a construction site. It prevents any dust or debris spreading out to the surrounding area. It protects people standing underneath from accidental falling debris. It protects workers from direct sunlight.

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