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End Of The Road For Most Wanted Gangsters As DCI Commandos Pounce On Them, Here Is What Was Recovere

It was a very nasty finish to the road for a highly equipped bandit after a fierce shootout yesterday at a few minutes before midnight between three miscreants and cops chosen from the DCI.

In a statement just now shared on social media, the DCI claimed that the thugs were engaged in a robbery operation when the detectives pounced on them. When the thieves disobeyed orders to surrender, the two sides exchanged ear-splitting gunfire.

The DCI investigators chased the criminals in the famed Subaru ya Mambaru during an operation that resulted in the death of one thug. Despite having significant gunshot wounds, two individuals managed to escape, but authorities are actively looking for them.

The gang's actions had been reported to the DCI via their toll-free hotline before the event on Mariakani Road in Nairobi. A loaded gun was found next the dead thug.

"At the location of the incident, the lifeless body of the fallen thug was sprawled in a storm water ditch with the instruments of his trade, a home made handgun loaded with two live 9mm rounds, and a communication device impersonating a police walkie-talkie displayed close-by," the statement stated.

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