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Reason Why Car Tyres Are Always Black In Color

Any car driver, passenger or pedestrian knows that tyres are typically black. But, have you ever wondered why? Why does everyone go for the generic black look instead of something more exciting such as red or green?

However, the main reason for black tyres on cars today, is the chemical compound ‘carbon black’.

It is used as a stabilizing chemical, which is combined with other polymers to create the tread compound of a tyre.

Once added to the rubber, carbon black increases the strength and durability of the tyres, which is understandably seen as a desirable trait for tyre manufacturers and car drivers.

One way carbon black expands the lifespan of tyres is by conducting heat away from parts of the tyre that tend to get particularly hot when driving, such as the tread and belt areas. Carbon maintains the quality of tyres by protecting them from UV light and ozone, which are known to deteriorate tyres.


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