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Why Tiny Stones are Laid on Railway Tracks

Most of us have travelled using trains and have witnessed the existence of the tiny stones on the railway track. Those who have never travelled using trains may have seen a railway track while having an adventure or in books and television. Many must have wondered why stones are laid on railway tracks.

First, these pieces of crushed stones are called track ballast. The stones perform an important role on that track. That is why they exist there in the first place. They help keep the train tracks in place. The stones form the trackbed and are packed around railway tracks as well. These stones help keep the railway tracks upright and properly placed making it able to support the heavy trains as they pass.

Furthermore, the stones prevent any vegetative growth on the railway line. Vegetative growths may weaken the ground on which the railway line runs. The stones also facilitate proper drainage around the track hence preventing the ground on which the line runs through from becoming too moist and weak. We can share more incredible facts about railway lines and trains here.

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