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Written Note Reveals Why Young Lady Was Killed And Body Dumped Near GSU Recce Barracks

The scene where body was dumped in Kimbo.

Police in Ruiru, Kiambu County are investigating the murder of yet to be identified woman whose body was dumped near the General Service Unit (GSU) barracks in Ruiru Kimbo which is the base of the elite Recce squad.

The body had been mutilated and put in a suitcase before it was dumped there yesterday evening by unknown people.

However, a written note accompanying it indicates the young woman who appeared to be in his early 20s was killed over a love issue.

The note read; “Usicheze na bwana ya mtu kwa kuwa ni sumu" (directly translated as “Don’t joke/play with somebody’s husband. They are poison”).

This means the young lady was likely having an intimate relationship with a married man and thus the killers were hired by the man’s wife.

The body in suitcase.

It is also raising the question whether the purported affair is linked to an officer working in the barracks because the killers risked getting nabbed as they dumped the body there.

Some suspect the victim could be a college or university student as they are the biggest number of patrons who frequent popular pubs there.

Kimbo is vibrant and has the Nairobi Institute of Business Studies, and is neighboured by Kenyatta University, Jomo Kenyatta University of Science & Technology and Zetech University besides other smaller institutions.

“The body is yet to be identified but we suspect she could be a student. There is a tendency of college girls here to have affairs with married men. Kimbo has good pubs that accommodate them” a resident said.

Police collecting the body.

Recently the country has witnessed murders related to marriages and relationships

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Kiambu County Kimbo Ruiru


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