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The different methods you can use to Unclamp your car in Kenya.

All counties have different ways of collecting revenue. One of the methods they use is by collecting parking fees. Incase on fails to pay for the parking fee, their car is often clamped so that you can pay a fine. Below are some methods that can help you unclamp you car in Kenya.

1. Pay the fine.

Incase you park your car at undesignated area or fail to pay your parking fee, you car might be clamped so that you can pay a fine. The easiest way for you to avoid any scuffles with the county officials (kanjos) is by paying for the fine as stipulated by the county government.

2. Removing the wheel.

This method is very effective but it depends on the type of clamp used. If the clamp does not fully cover the wheel nuts such that you have access to them, then you can proceed and remove the wheel and replace ot with the spare tire.

3. Using a bolt cutter.

A bolt cutter is an essential tool that can be used for cutting chains, padlocks and mesh. This tool is very efficient as you can easily cut the padlock on the clamp and free your tire. When it comes to price, the bolt cutters are not that expensive and relatively cheap.

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