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Places In Ukambani With Funny Names.

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It is a sub-county in Machakos meaning ladies with bows. Majority of ladies in Kangundo are perceived to be very harsh to their husbands and at times can fight them.

Mavia Meu

It is a place in ukambani where white stones are found.


Masokani is a name in Makueni meaning a place with snakes. The place is said to have many snakes in the past and that's why people named it Masokani.

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Kasua Ngove

Two places in Machakos have the same name meaning a place where eyelashes are peeled. The name sounds sounds scary and one would wonder how the name came to being.


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It is a popular name in the country found in Ukambani. The name was derived from a wealthy person who was working with the Kenya Railways at that time and that's how the place ended up being named Emali.


It is found in Makueni constituency and when translated it means a place of bones. The mystery is, no one knows if those bones belong to people or animals.

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