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The Man With Biggest Family In The World Of 38 Wives Unfortunately Dies

Family is a gift from God. It's most people's dream to have a family one time in there life. Some want a small family while others want a huge family.

The man who holds the world record of having the biggest family is dead. His name is Ziona Chana, who come from India died at an age of 76 years. He is said to be ill for a long time. He was suffering from diabetes and heart problems.

He has left a very huge family. He had 38 wives and a total of 86 children and 36 grandchildren. This is a big family to take care of. This may not be the exact number as it was hard to estimate the number of Chana's family.

Ziana Chana became a sensentional in India, his family becoming a tourist attraction. People come all over to come to there village to see how they live together in a house that has 100 rooms.

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