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Woman Sadly Narrates How Her Husband Died To Illicit Brew He Had Promised To Take his Last Cup

Illicit brew has become a major problem in certain parts of Kenya, causing significant harm to local residents.

The government has taken a tough stance on the issue, but the impact of these harmful substances continues to be felt by communities across the country.

For the women of Chepareria in West Pokot county, the problem of illicit brew hits especially close to home.

Many of their husbands and children have been killed by the counterfeit alcohol, which is known locally as 'Kali Kali'. According to a village elder in Chepareria, more than 50 residents have lost their lives due to this dangerous substance.

The situation is a tragic reminder of the devastating effects that illicit brew can have on communities, particularly in areas where access to safe and regulated alcohol is limited.

While the government's efforts to crack down on this illegal trade are important, there is also a need for more comprehensive solutions that address the root causes of the problem and provide better alternatives for those who may be drawn to these harmful substances. Only then can we hope to mitigate the impact of illicit brew on vulnerable communities across Kenya.

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Chepareria West Pokot


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