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Millions of property lost as a building collapses, angry tenants blame landlord

On October 17th 2021 in Nairobi, Kenya a nine storey building that was under construction collapsed and led to the the destruction of a six storey residential building. It is reported that there was no one in the building at the time of collapse and therefore no one was injured.

The residents of the affected building however lost some of their properties including thirteen cars that were packed in the garage and other valuables that were in their rooms . The angry tenants said they had told their landlord about the potential collapse when they saw the bend on the fourth floor but he had told them that the contractor had assured him that the highly skilled engineers working on the project had things under control.

The landlord will be blaming himself for not heeding to their advice as he also counts a loss. The authority has stated that it will check on the eligibility of the structural plans and check whether the contractor was working within the required standards and give their report.

Here is a video of the collapse

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