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Why In Kalenjin A Rope Used To Taken A Cow To The Market Must Be Returned Home

Kalenjins community is one of those communities who persistently preserves and proctect their culture. Normally, they do things in a exceptionally peculiar way.

Today, i took this time to tell you a story which was so controversial in the past but now it has become a really temporary activity which can be used for education purpose. Most of my friends usually ask me about this issue.

The issue is, most kalenjins when they sell a cow, they normally took it to the market, and you know it is a must to be tied by a rope so as to restrain its unnecessary movement when taken. After the task, when the cow has been sold and the owner want to go back home, he or she must return the rope he used. Even if there are no other cows at home, the rope must be return home.

Okay listen, this peculiar activity is done since it is a special sign that, the cow sold is returned home in spirit and the very cow will return soon in a physical form. It might return back as a calf or a new cow is bought. It is believed that the one that will come later is a little bit better that the one which has been sold.

This is why kalenjins take back a rope after it has been sold.

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