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Three Reasons Why You Should Never Walk Without Little Pocket Cash in Nairobi

Are you that one person that walk with no cash at all? If you are in Nairobi then you've been making a big mistake. I'll tell you why you should always have some little cash in your pockets.

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Number one is accidents; there are usually loads of unexpected accidents in Nairobi and most of them will always call for money. Even though there could be literal accidents like being hit or falling down, that is not the only accident you will encounter. While walking along the streets of Nairobi, you may step on a hawkers orange and you'll be forced to pay which would also be the right thing to. What if this finds you with no money at all? Even if you are a driver, at times you'll be stuck along the highway and be forced to hire pots to help you get you vehicle off the highway. You'll need to be ready to pay them in cash

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The second reason why you should always at least have some cash in your pocket is being ambushed, either by thugs, police officers or even city council officers. All these three have one thing in common, they most probably won't hurt you if you give them money. They never accept mobile transactions. For thugs case, the faster you give them what you have the higher the chances of them sparing your. In fact most thugs wont touch you if you give them what they want, unless they have been sent. And because life is more important than any other thing, just carry with you some little pocket money for such kind of situations.

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Last but not least is a big percentage of Nairobians don't spare days for shopping. They buy whatever they can at whatever time they come across it. That's why if you live in Nairobi, I'd advice you walk with some little money so you don't miss out on offers and beautiful items such clothe, that you come across along the streets.

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