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How an Entire Lake Mysteriously Disappeared Overnight

This disturbing event occurred in Chile after a lake that was 100 feet deep and covering an area around five acres mysteriously disappeared overnight. Lake Riesco was a major tourist attraction in the beautiful Patagonia region of Chile in South America.

Many people claimed that what occurred was a paranormal event since no person was able to explain why and how such a large body of water could drain-away so quickly, with no warning, and apparently no witnesses. People just woke up one morning and found dry ground where there had been a lake just a day before.

According to scientists the lake probably developed a crack due to buildup of water. This buildup ultimately opened a crack in an ice wall along one side of the lake. Water flowed through the crack into a nearby fjord and from there into the sea, leaving behind a dry lake-bed littered with icebergs.

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