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SAD: What Mob Did To Two Female Thieves Who Have Been Terrorising Kahawa Wendani Residents

We are living in the most challenging moment in economy where most citizens are claiming there are no enough money circulation and this has rendered many broke as commodities prices rise everyday.

According to TUKO,two female thieves who have become a problem to the residents of Kahawa Wendani have finally been arrested.

Mary Njeri and Sarah Naboso had been terrorising the residents targeting sales lady,househelps and the elderly. The two have been walking with envelope with money on one side where they would drop it Infront of a victim.

When the victim picks it up they demand to share the money since they have all seen it. At the moment Mary and Sarah pretend they don't know each other

Unfortunately,they stole Ksh 2030 from a woman and they didn't escape as usual. The angry residents got them and kicked them and gave them brawls before the police came and took them to police station.

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