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Detectives Uncover Crucial Details Extracted From CCTV Footage From The Late Agnes Tirop's House

Police have at long last released the details of the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) from the late Agnes Tirop's house, that uncovers what really transpired on that fateful day the athlete was found murdered.

The late Tirop was found dead on Wednesday, October 13, inside her bedroom with autopsy results indicating that she suffered concussions and stabs to her head. However, as per CCTV footage, the athlete was killed on Tuesday, October 12, a day prior to the report about her demise was unveiled.

Keiyo North sub-county Deputy Chief Information Officer (DCIO), Andolo Munga, affirmed the details extracted from the CCTV footage, affirming that her husband, Ibrahim Rotich, was set at the scene of the murder by the video recording.

"The CCTV footage is self-explanatory and positive after forensic analysis. It has all the proof of the scene and the actual act. We believe we have a tight case and we are all set with the prosecution," expressed the detective.

The detective working on the scene added, "the CCTV film has become extremely pivotal in this and it has shown us precisely what occurred and how it was conducted. The investigation is on reverse and forward aspects." The detectives are additionally now analyzing the suicide note apparently left behind by Rotich, before he escaped following the athlete's death.

"The suicide note is likewise being subjected to forensic investigation. The public will know at the appropriate time since all the proof will be cited in court," he expressed.

Two suspects who were captured alongside Rotich have been released and transformed into state witnesses.

"We have released the two other suspects whom we had captured with Rotich and they are currently state witnesses. They are important to the case when they are witnesses unlike if they are charged," he added.

Further, the homicide weapons are as yet being inspected before they can be presented in court.

"The murder weapons are blood stained and they are being subjected to more investigation. We really want a water tight case that is the reason nothing is being left to chance," the detective commented.

From the CCTV footage, the DCIO noticed that it is clear Rotich had an aim of killing Tirop.

The case is set to be mentioned as the investigative seeks to have the details of the CCTV footage admissible in court, adding to the list of evidence lined up against Rotich. The case pulled in a lot of attention with President Uhuru Kenyatta directing the investigative bodies along with the police to act with speed to serve her family justice.

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