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Nationwide Weather Change as Rainfall is Predicted Over These Few Areas by KMD

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In an update valid in the next five days, the Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD) has continued to maintain that most parts of the country are likely to remain dry with only a few places said to expect rainfall. This, according to the information shared on their Official website, is effective from 6-11 July 2022.

The department lists the areas over the Highlands West of the Rift Valley, the Coast, the Highlands East of the Rift Valley and North-western Kenya among places that are more likely to receive light to moderate rainfall within the mentioned dateline.

KMD also warns the residents of the Highlands East of the Rift Valley as well as those staying in some parts of the South-eastern lowlands, the Highlands West of the Rift Valley and the Central and South Rift Valley, to brace for Intermittent cold and cloudy conditions likely to dominate the atmosphere.

Apart from helping in choosing the right clothing attires, this information is helpful to individuals who are having health related problems with cold. This includes people having asthma and pneumonia related problems as they are informed in prior to take preventive and control measures during such moments.

Lastly, KMD forecast strong southerly winds with speeds exceeding 25knots (12.9m/s) to likely occur over the Coast, the South-eastern lowlands and North-eastern Kenya.


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