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Uproar As Man Pours Hot Tea on Wife's Private Parts for Copying his Mpango Wa Kando's Phone Number

A 25 year old woman from Kericho is nursing serious injuries on her private parts after her strange husband allegedly poured hot tea on her private parts.

According to the woman whose name is anonymous, she found a 'mambo' text message on her husband's phone. She bacame suspicious that her dear husband was cheating on her with the sender of the message.

Curious to find out the truth by herself, she decided to copy the phone number in her phone from husband's gadget with an intention of calling the owner of the number to find out more behind the 'mambo' text message.

Her strange husband is said to have entered the house unexpectedly and found her still copying the number. He became mad after he leart what she was doing. He furiously took a cup full of hot tea and poured it on her private parts.

The woman is now nursing serious injuries and cannot walk steadily. Residents have accused the police of failing to take necessary action against the suspect despite receiving reports of the indecent act. Residents have called on relevant authorities to play their part and arrest the suspect.

Relationships are built on trust. His phone is his and your phone is yours, respect his/her privacy.

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