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Fistula Humiliated Me. Hubby Chased Me Away Claiming I Had A Foul Smell. It Was Painful;Mary Shares.

Mary, from Nakuru county, shares her painful journey on how fistula affected her life to an extent of hubby chasing her away saying that she had a foul smell.

Mary's mother raised her single-handedly and, according to her, they struggled to even put food on the table. Her mother did ordinary jobs for a living, but the money was not enough to sustain them, she says. She later dropped out of school and went to search for employment so that she could help her mother. 

Eventually, she met a man who got interested in her and promised to marry her. Since she still had a tough life, she thought it to be a great idea, she says. They went ahead and got married, and they were blessed with four children.

Mary says that during the birth of her first child, she didn't go to hospital and that she was helped by the mother at home. That's when her problems began. She started emitting foul smell from her female genitals even after she took a bath and also she couldn't control her bladder anylonger. She became alarmed and decided to go to hospital and be checked. 

That's when doctors confirmed that she had fistula after the birth of her first baby. This bothered her, since they couldn't afford money for treatment. She continued to live that way, hoping that a miracle will happen one day. The condition affected her social life, since people would rather not be associated with her. Later the husband became disgusted by her and even started engaging in extra marital affairs. 

This went on for a while until one day he asked her to leave the house since he cannot stay with a woman who is always smelling. Mary says that it was very painful to hear him say that, since she thought he would be the first to support her. She went back home with her four children and later sought employment to support her children.

She was lucky to get a job as a house help, and she worked there for two months. Due to her condition, the employer became irritated by her smell and she went to an extent of informing her that she wanted her to leave. 'It was embarrassing and painful, I hated myself', she sadly says. 

One day, a good Samaritan who had been her friend, offered to help her with money for treatment. She is now fully recovered, and she advises people not to judge others from the outside, since they don't know the pain one is going through from the inside.

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