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Masten Wanjala's Burial Plans Turns Dramatic As His Family Members 'Fight' Over Who Will Bury Him

The family of the renowned serial killer Masten Wanjala has revealed that they are not going to bury him in fear of being cursed by him along with the victims who he allegedly killed before being arrested.


According to the reports given by the family of the deceased, the have revealed that they are currently divided on whether they should bury him or just let him stay in the Mortuary until he is buried by the government who often dispose unclaimed bodies.

"Wanjala fled from home not once or twice. He rejected us in public claiming that he didn't want us and since he rejected us when he was alive, we also don't want him. Some of our family members are afraid of burying him. I mean who will even attend his funeral. Most of us are afraid of being cursed", Anonymous family member said.

Masten Wanjala came into the limelight after he was linked to the murder of a girl whose body was found dead in a bush. However, the renowned serial killer would later go national after he revealed that he had killed Alot of other young girls for unknown reasons.

In attempts to verify this claims, detectives from the director of criminal investigations took him to the crime scene where he had allegedly dumped the bodies of the deceased and just like he said, DCIs were able to find several bodies of the deceased that have since been buried.

A few weeks after his arrest, Masten Wanjala was able to escape from police custody in Jogoo road police station. Not knowing that he was heading to his death. A number of villagers from his hometown beat him to death a few hours after police officers revealed that he was wanted after running or rather Escaping from police custody.

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