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The Questions That Will Forever Remain Unanswered After Masten Wanjala's Demise

The death of the serial killer Masten Wanjala on October 15 will remain in people's mind for a long time before it disappears. Despite his demise, people are still asking themselves questions that no one can answer. We believe that if Wanjala was still alive he would be the one that would have answered us. For that reason, we have nobody to consult about everything that happened because the source itself is no more.[Photo Courtesy]

The first question that people will continue asking is why did Mr.Wanjala escape at the time when he was about to be arraigned in the court of law. Why did he stay at his cell block for that all time only to escape at the last minute and how comes he found it very easy to walk out of the prison without breaking anything at the police station. [Photo Courtesy]

The second question is who he was working for and why did they kill Innocent children. The day that Mr.Wanjala was supposed to appear in the court he was supposed to mention all the people behind his vampire nature. He was to tell the world who converted him into a cult worshipper who drunk children's blood and dump their body. It is unfortunate that all this questions will remain answered forever.[Photo Courtesy]

Wanjala is believed to have paid the police officers before he was allowed to walk free. The question remains how did Wanjala get the money from, keeping in mind that no prisoner is allowed to posses anything inside their cells. Another surprising things is what amount of money did the officers receive until they left a serial killer escape back into our society.

Lastly, the question on why he decided to go back at their home and decided to play football despite the fact that he was a wanted person. Alternatively, why did the mob had to lynch him before extracting important information for the world to know. Those are some of the questions that will remain answered to Kenyans. What do you think is another questionable things that sorround Wanjala's death? Share with us your comments, likes and you can also share our article to other people.

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