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81 Year Old Man Reveals How He Survived For 11 Days After Falling Inside An Active Volcano

An 81-year-old man narrated how he fell inside an active volcano and survived for 11 days without food or water. The incident happened in the Democratic Republic of Congo and it occurred one day when our narrator was delivering some goods to his brother-in-law in Mulunga. Along the way, he met some people with lugages, and they requested that he help them.

He agreed and joined them. At the time they had stated they were not going far, but as they progressed on their journey, the old man noticed they had walked for an almighty distance and were now in a forest located in the Northern Kivu, which was miles away from his home and between two famous volcanic mountains. The active volcanic Mount Nyiragongo and the dormant Mt. Nyamuragira located in the Virunga Mountains.

Unfortunately for our narrator, the company he was in took a path located alongside the active Mount Nyiragongo, and since the path was relatively new to him, he fell inside a cave in Mount Nyiragongo.Luckly, he did not severely injure himself while falling in, and for the next 10 days, he made a home for himself inside the cave in Mount Nyiragongo.

On the 11 day, his fellow travelers, accompanied by 10 others, came and pulled him out of the cave. They lowered down a rope and waited for him to respond by tagging it. Miraculously, despite being weak, our narrator managed to tie the rope around his body, and they pulled him out of the hole.

While outside, he realized that the people who had come to save him had already shaved their heads as a symbol of mourning him. When he came out alive, they could not believe how he had survived in the volcano for 11 days without dying. 


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Democratic Republic of Congo Mount Nyiragongo


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