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Theft robbery

Theft Using An inhaler As A Trap, Here Is How Innocent People Are Being Robbed In Nakuru.

I/CThiefs in Nakuru county have now come up with a new mode of stealing from motorists, pedestrians an any innocent individual by use of an inhaler as a trap.

A parent of a student belonging to victonel has narrated his side of the story "As I was driving home my child from school, a man was lying down with an inhaler besides him and decided to stop, a man who was passing with a motorbike offered to help him but he pretended not to know how to use the gadget and requested I alight and help him out but chose to give him directions from inside my car, imidietly the man woke up and said that he was okay, then the motorbike driver started coming towards me and my instincts told me to drive off, only to give my neighbor the story who told me that those were armed robbers who have been stealing from innocent people".

This incidences have been happening in areas where the road is mostly clear and mostly in gated community estates situated in the upper parts of the county.

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