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"My Son Met a Beautiful Lady in Market Who Later Turned Into a Goat, He is Now Possessed" Mum Claims

Joel Namasaka met a beautiful lady in the market when he was in his way to where he was working as a shamba boy and he approached and requested her to accompany him to his residence.

Joel claims that the lady agreed to be his girlfriend and she immediately agreed to accompany him to his house and everything was fine until when they entered his bedroom.

Namasaka claims that the lady turned into a big goat with long horns made of the bottles of sodas that they had just taken with her.Namasaka took off leaving the lady behind.

According to Namasaka's mother, her son was taken to her by bodaboda riders and after a few minutes of his arrival, his behaviors changed and he immediately started behaving like a possessed person.

They have been forced to lock him up in the house because he burnt all his clothes and immediately started attacking people. They claim he is also eating uncontrollably and they are yet to know what really happened.

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