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Netizens express worries after a Snake "visited" the family day after Burial

The life after death is something that many traditional African Societies strongly believed in. They considered that once a person dies, he/she joins the ancestral world and mingles with the living only physically in the form animals or spiritually in dreams.

A family in Baringo County were shocked after a Snake was seen coming from the grave site where their dead had been buried just few days ago.Acoording to report information posted on Powerline news on Facebook, the family members remained standing, watching and did not killed the snake either. They were featured holding the snake regarding it as one of their "family member".

Many Netizens reacted to the post claiming that it is a norm of many communities to believe that whenever such awkward thing happens, it should not cause worries for it is their dead kin visiting them. Here is a sections of their reactions on the news.

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African Baringo County Netizens


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