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Here Are Six Weird Cultures Around The World

1.Finger cutting when someone dies in Indonesia

This tradition in the Dani tribe in Indonesia takes bizzare to a whole new level.When a family member passes away, women from this tribe have to suffer physical pain besides suffering from emotional grief and to do so,they cut off a part of their fingers.This is done to satisfy "ancestal ghosts" The question is why do men not follow this custom?

2.Carrying pregnant wife over burning coal in China

In China,it is believed that if the husband carries his pregnant wife over burning coal with bare feet,the wife has an easy delivery. So physical pain for the husband to ease out the wife's labour, really,what kind of tradition is this

3.Eating the baby's placenta

In some countries, mothers eat their own placenta after giving birth to take in other nutrients that the placenta is known to have. This tradition is followed in China, Jamaica and some parts in India

4.Wearing rings to have giraffe's neck in Thailand

Thailand's Karen tribe is fascinated with long necks and looks like they can go a long way to achieve them. Women from the tribe wear rings around the neck to get a large neck,which they find to be a symbol of beauty and elegance.Girls start wearing rings around their necks when they are all of 5 and more rings added as the grow

5.Bride Kidnapping by Romani Gypsies

In a particularly disturbing custom followed by Roman Gypsies, kidnapping a girl you like is very much legal.If that wasn't weird enough, kidnapping also means that you've won her and have the right to marry her, provided that you are able to keep her as a hostage for 3-5 days.I hope the tradition is discontinued now

6. Bathroom ban for three days after the wedding in Northern Borne

Bathroom ban is another lame custom followed by the Tidong tribe from northern Borne. The couple are not allowed to use the bathroom till three days after the wedding. That means no urinating, defecating or bathing. The tribe believes that it leads to a happy married life. In case you are wondering how that is possible, the family ensures that the couples eat and drinks only small amounts

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