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Police Officers Have Arrested 4 Armed Suspects After They Caught Them Enjoying The 'Act' In A Car

Police officers have managed to arrest four suspects today and they have been taken to Ruai police station. As reported by the directorate of criminal investigations, the four were using a private car to travel and when they noticed that a police car was following them closely, they quickly sped off and parked next to Ruai Primary school. It has been reported that a concerned resident alarmed police officers claiming that the guys had parked that car for hours and nobody was coming outside. Police actually calculated their moves and caught them unnoticed. It has been reported that when they reached where they were, these guys immediately jumped out of the car. It has been reported that police officers realized they were busy in the 'act'. The four were then disarmed and taken straight to the station where they have been detained. Investigations are being done and officers have revealed their names. The four are Esther Karingari, Denzel Njiru, Sylivia Kasiva and Vinny Kibet.

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Denzel Njiru Esther Karingari Ruai Sylivia Kasiva Vinny Kibet


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