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'Robbery Without Violence In A Bus' Fake Conductor Took Fare And Left Real One Hanging By The Door


Nairobi is termed as a concrete jungle, a direct translation of the Swahili term 'shamba la mawe.'

[An aerial view of Nairobi| Courtesy]

It's here that the most elaborate cons are played out. The con games in these concrete jungle are so smooth that they leave victims feeling sheepish.

Even those who consider themselves street smart will occasionally fall victim unexpectedly.

A Nairobi resident took to Twitter to share today's experience with the world. Apparently, he'd been conned in the most unexpected of ways.

The user only identified as Robert Sambu narrated that he'd boarded the matatu at Thika heading to the capital, Nairobi.

Shortly after the bus had taken off, a man whom they presumed was the conductor went round collecting fare.

[A conductor collecting bus fare|Courtesy]

All this time, the real conductor assigned to this vehicle was busy at the door calling for passengers.

[A conductor hanging by the door|Courtesy]

Unknowingly, the passengers paid their fares and the man went for the door before alighting.

The passengers got the shock of their life when the real conductor came calling.

Apparently, this is the new con game in town. It appears that the pawns in this game target half full buses as the conductor and driver will shift their attention to searching for passengers.

The main main is usually accompanied by at least two accomplices . They provide security and provide a means for the main act to get away, usually by causing some commotion to divert the passengers attention.

Angry netizens chipped in with their experiences .

Some argued that the cons work in cahoots with either the driver or the conductor.

Another user argued that conductors let this happen with their full knowledge

Another netizen recounted his experience on a long distance journey.

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