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Painful: "I Was Attacked, Raped And Infected With HIV by my Teacher, Help me Get Justice

Carol (not her real name) has been living with the pain of being raped and infected with Hiv/aids by her teacher.

According to Carol, she was raised in a family where she was reject by all her family members including her biological mother.

She was raised by her grandmother where she claims that she met her biological mother while she was a grown up.

On this fateful day, Carol went to school as usual and her teacher asked her to meet in his office.

When she met him, he asked her to remove all her clothes something that she refused to do.she claims that the teacher took a knife and threatened to kill her if she fulfill his wish.

Carol was left with no other choice than doing everything her told her, she was raped noting knowing she was also infected with Hiv.

Due to low self esteem, Carol dropped out of school since even after sharing the whole incident with the mother, she was chased away.

After few months, she got sick and after some tests, she turned to be Hiv positive which came as a shock to her. She is unable to accept her status up to date.

Carol claims that even after sharing the incident with few people, no action was taken and now she is pleading with well wishers to help her get justice.

Many have reacted to the story where they have urged for the immediate arrest of the suspect before he ruins lives more school going girls.

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