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I Wanted To Commit Suicide and Also Kill My Son. How An Illness Change Our Lives Completely; Lucy.

Lucy Njoki painfully narrates how an illness pushed her to a point that she contemplated using poison to take her life and that of her twelve years old son.

Lucy was born in Eldoret in a family of five children but due to post election violence they moved back to Nakuru where life was difficult.

She opted to get s job in Nairobi as a househelp and a few months later she met a man and they moved in together. She said that a few months later she became pregnant fro her first child but at seven months her husband was involved in an accident and he was admitted in Kenyatta hospital.

She said that he stayed there for four months and when it was the for her to give birth. He died when she was in labour. She said that during his funeral she wasn't recognized by the family and that's when she started living alone.

Lucy has been the breadwinner for her family and she had managed to open a business that used to pay school fees for her child. However Lucy suffered from arthritis that affected one of her legs making it difficult to walk. Joyce used all her savings on treatment food and rent untill she ran out of money.

She said that her son's school fees is sponsored by the school and they provide food for him. Lucy sleeps hungry most of the time and so do her son. She said that her parents and siblings are poor and they cannot support her financially. Her life had become so difficult for them that she contemplated on taking her life and also her son's life.

"I bought poison that I wanted to mix on our food for is to eat and also feed my son without his knowledge." Lucy said.

She also said that on that day a well wisher came with food and also gave her some money to pay rent. Lucy said that she rarely sleeps due to the pain on her leg especially when she doesn't have money for her painkillers.

Lucy's prayer is that she may find a well wisher who is willing to provide food, medical help,sponsor her son and also help in starting a business where she will be able to take care of her and her son.

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