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Ugly Scene as Father Defiles and Impregnates Stepdaughters, When The Mother Was Away From Home

Currently, the police officers are apprehending a suspect who allegedly defiled and impregnates stepdaughters, when the mother was away from home.

According to the victims mother, it was not the first time that her husband has defiled one of his daughters, as he has been taking delight in sleeping with them regularly.

The latest victim narrated that on the day her father took her pride, she and her siblings were busy with some domestic chores assigned to them by their mother, who was away.

But the randy father cleverly separated her from the other siblings by sending them to a nearby stream, instructing them to wash their clothes and take their bath before coming back.

When the other kids left, the man then called his targets into the room and forcefully slept with them, warning them not to tell anyone, or he would kill them.

But the girls later reported the act to her mother who informed the police of the shameful act by the husband, and he was arrested while the girls were taken to a hospital for medications.

Hospital tests carried out on them proved the girls had been sexually assaulted and impregnated by the man.

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