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Father of Nine Caught in the Act with a Grade one Pupil in Kilifi

A 64-year old man is being held in police custody in Watamu Police Station in Kilifi County after a mob mercilessly lynched him yesterday evening. The police came in the nick of time and rescued the old man from the mob which was baying for his blood. It is alleged that the man was caught red handed on the act with a 10-year-old girl who was oblivious of what the man was doing to her. The incident occurred yesterday at around 7 pm in Timboni village when the girl's mother had followed her daughter who had been acting odd for the past few weeks and she had suspected that her daughter was involved with a bad company. However, she was shocked beyond words when she spotted her daughter entering the man’s house willingly and when she peeked through the window, she could barely believe the events that were unfolding before her naked eyes.

The mother of the girl alerted the neighbors, who stormed into the man's house, wielding assault weapons and armed to the teeth. The mob meted their anger on the old man, whose plea for mercy fell on deaf ears. Other concerned neighbors contacted the police who rushed to the scene and apprehended the severely wounded man, rescuing him from his near-death experience. The police also escorted the girl to the police station to record a statement.

Upon arrival at the station, the grade one pupil confessed that the affair between the two had been going for a while now. She said it started when the old man sold her bhajia on credit and when she was unable to pay the debt, the man forced the girl to his house and deflowered her. After the first time, the man threatened the girl that if she ever whispered a word to anyone he would kill her and also told the girl that the debt had not been settled and she would be visiting him on the weekend so that she can clear her debt.

The girl also confessed that had she had been lying to her mother so that she could be visiting the man in his house by making a false excuse of visiting her grandmother who lived around the area.

The man who is a father to nine children was taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment. After he recovers, he is expected to be arraigned in court so that he could face defilement charges against him. According to Kenyan Law, anyone who has consensual or non-consensual intercourse with a child(ren) under the age of 11, and is found guilty by a Kenyan court, faces the possibility of being sentenced to life imprisonment.

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