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The Greatest Cause Of Poverty In The Modern Society. Let It Not Affect You

Although we are in the 21st century where man has made a lot f advancements in his life, there are many problems he has not succeeded to get over. One of the major problems is poverty. It is present all around the world but Africa holds the better part of it.

What makes Africa different from the other continents that we always lag behind in everything? Pride and ignorance is our greatest problem. Many of our youths are jobless but that doesn't mean there is nothing they can do to earn a living. Many of us look down on many jobs and consider them to be dirty.

Everyone wants to work in an office even when they know their grades won't allow them in those offices. It is high time that we realize where we are headed and stop choosing what you want to do and do what is available. Only that way will we be able to fight the problem of poverty amongst us.

Doing that job you take to be dirty is better than trekking all your life looking for a job you may never get. Lets get the negative attitude we have and embrace whatever we can find. Your life will improve without you expecting it.

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