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Theft robbery

In Partnership with Mpesa agents, This is How Police have been robbing Kenyans

It is a nicely co-ordinated plot, It begins as quickly as you credit some cash Sh 20,000 and above.

After depositing the cash, it takes around 20-30 minutes earlier than you acquire a extraordinary call.

The caller masquerade as CID officer and that there is a case whereby you deposited fake currencies to a given Mpesa agent number, and they are searching for you.

They with threaten you that you either inform them your location or they will come for you, you imagine a complete “CID” group searching for me, but does not know where I am. 

You are shaken to the spines, you are a properly citizen, you pay taxes, you file returns, you obey site visitors lights, curfew has by no means found you outside, you are innocent, furthermore the money you had simply withdrawn from ATM and deposited at a Mpesa agent, why have to you be afraid.

After you inform the caller your location, a non-public car, two guys barring any identification will come to fetch you, handcuff you and you are thrown into the car. 

The automobile is pushed into a nearby police station. You are booked for frauding, and finger prints taken. 

As you will be waiting for subsequent instruction in ready area, a few police guys will come, some assault you, refering to you as a fraudster they have been searching for and even throwing a few slaps towards you.

They will thereafter thrown you into a lonely cell. After about an hour or so, one of the guys who accrued you come to the cell for a talk. 

He tells you that they don’t favor to push the charges further, because they are gross and you have very little chances. 

He tells you the quantity of years in jail you will face if observed guiltyof the offence, even threatens you that, he has even talked with the Mpesa guy and he desires to assist you out of the situation.

The Mpesa guy is willing to withdraw the expenses towards you provided you pay him lower back his money. Deep down you start feeling that the is some thing fishy going on however you cannot help.

It hits your idea that out here there are a lot of people serving jail phrases for crimes they did not commit. 

After some thinking, you let go, you send the Mpesa agent the money that was deposited into your mpesa account. 

You are worn out, humiliated, shaken, you just desire to go home. You ship the mpesa man the cash and you are released.

And that is how you will just get robbed. 

Content created and supplied by: Uhuru_01 (via Opera News )

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