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“Toka na Pombe Yako” Daylight Drama as Man Alleged of Selling Brews, Chased by Landlord

When it comes to landlord rental property, his top priorities is to protect the investment. The best way to do that is by setting rules and regulations for the renters. 

House rules for renters can be outlined in the lease agreement, making them legally binding. When the applicant signs the lease agreement, they are agreeing to abide by these house rules during their lease term. 

Going against the landlord set rules and regulations, one can be chased away from his/ her house.

Currently, one man faces the landlord wrath after going against the set rules governing the rental houses in one estate. 

The reports indicate the said tenant by the name James (not the real name) is said to have changed his house to club, where he invites his friends for alcohol drinks and partying.

After getting the information from one of the neighbors, the landlord was so furious about this behavior. He instructed James to back hos few belongings and leave the house immediately. “Toka na pombe yako,” landlord said.

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James Toka Yako


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