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Laikipia Bandits Living A Limited Life As The Government Does This To Teach Them A Lesson

Pressure remains high in Laikipia as new efforts are being laid to teach bandits a lesson. The government is in the rush to flush out the remaining bandits beloved to be still hiding in the area. There are heavy security operations ongoing in the area. More officers are being deployed one by one. This happens after it came to realization there are places which are still having bandits hiding.

In order to succeed, the government has deployed more security officers. The Nation has revealed that more than 400 police officers have been deployed in this area. This is basically meant to give the residents confidence in security in order to resume normal activities.

The officers are well protected with protective garments and better weapons just incase the war strikes again. This was confirmed by the National Police Service Director of Communication. The concervancy has been declared a dangerous place and nobody is allowed to hang around the place apart from the deployed officers.

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