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Govt Pathologist Reveals What Was Found In Edwin Chiloba's Mouth

According to government pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor, LGBTQ activist Edwin Kiprotich alias Chiloba was strangled with socks in his mouth.

Dr. Oduor confirmed that the late fashion model had trousers in his mouth when he spoke to the media on January 11th. Later, he expired from lack of oxygen.

"We performed an autopsy on Edwin Kiprotich's body, and we discovered that he passed away from choking due to his mouth and nose being taped shut.

He was unable to breathe and passed away shortly after. His mouth and nose were stuffed with denim, which was the first thing we noticed. Additionally, he had socks in his mouth.

He denied, however, that his eyes had been gouged out and confirmed that the body had begun to decompose. Oduor brought up the fact that they were testing a sample to see if the model had been doped.

"We did not discover any bruises on his body, and we are still looking into whether medications were administered to him so he would be helpless against his kidnappers.

"The body had started to decay, but the eyes were still there."

In connection with the model's murder, four suspects were presented in court on Tuesday, January 10. One of the key suspects said in court that the police covered up his arrest in order to conceal the truth.

He said that the primary suspect, Jackton Odhiambo, and the other two suspects, who were charged as potential accomplices, were new to him.

In an effort to clear his name, the suspect asked Senior Resident Magistrate Richard Odenyo to quicken the investigations.

However, the judge turned down the request and authorized the detectives to hold him for 21 days in order to finish their inquiries.

"The police could hold the suspects in the Langas police station while investigations were ongoing because of the seriousness of the case and the nature of the investigations involved." The judge ruled.

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