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The KRC Gives Stern Warning To Passengers Who'll Be Thrown Out Of Train If They Breach The Rules

Police officers manning one of the trains (Photo Courtesy: Twitter)

The Kenya Railway management is getting more strict to the passengers using trains as their means of travel.

Trains have become a crucial, effective and cost effective means of transport in the country, but some Kenyans seem to be showing off their misconduct at the railways stations and in the trains.

According to news podcast, the management has put across a stern warning that should be followed by every passenger or risk to be thrown out of their services.

The KRC notified passengers who have the habit of breaching rules like causing dramatic scenes at the station or in the train will be kicked off as well as no alcoholic drinks will be sold at their premises.

"Kenya Railways hereby notifies passengers that engaging in actions that cause or are likely to cause a breach of pace at the railway stations is strictly prohibited.

These include but are not limited to playing unreasonably loud music, dancing, use of threatening and/or abusive language, violent acts, shouting, fighting and other forms of misdemeanor." The notice stated.

These rules are good for the passengers as some usually cause some disturbances to other travelers which got many launch complaints.

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