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Plane Crash

Kenyan Photojournalist Who Tried To Save 123 Victims From An Airplane Crash

To people born in 2000s, the name Mohammed Amin might not ring a bell. However, the photojournalist who died in a deadly aeroplane crash was renowned for his job that brought him fame especially after he single handedly made the West Donate millions of money to Africa after he took photos showing how Africans in poor countries were Starving.

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To those who know or knew the late Amin, he was a person who was to be emulated especially after he Allegedly confronted a group of Thugs who hijacked an aeroplane that killed 123 Passengers.

November 23, 1996, a date that most people will remember after an aeroplane landed on the Indian Ocean.

According to the reports given by the witnesses who survived the accident, they claimed that 3 armed men had took over the plane threatening to kill anyone who went against their wish.

Did i say Mohammed Amin was a man to be emulated, well apart from being known as the African photojournalist who took great pictures of Africa. Amin, in the midst of all the ongoing drama where passengers were panicking not wanting to be killed, Survivors claimed that he stood up and called the Suspects out for their actions.

The man who has been described as one of the greatest photojournalist all over the world sadly died in the same aeroplane after the Suspects commotion led to an aeroplane crash.

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