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7 Products That No Food Expert Would Consume

Raw oysters

It is forbidden because an American lawyer Bill Marler has worked with food poisoning cases for over 20 years and during that time, he became an expert in this field and shared with the whole world why he would never eat raw seafood. Due to the warming in of the water in the World Ocean, raw shellfish is a favorable breeding ground for many new species of bacteria. Instead you should eat baked oysters with spicy sauce taste just a good.

Fresh fruit

You should avoid it because freshly squeezed juice can cause infection with viruses and bacteria, therefore the risks exceeds the benefits. If you want to drink it, you’d better off with pasteurized juices, if you want all vitamins fruits can you, the best option is to eat fresh fruit.

Rare meat

It’s forbidden because temperature below 71°C don’t kill the E. coli and salmonella contained in the meat. Instead you should eat a well-medium and well-done meat.

Pre-washed and sliced vegetables and fruits

Not a good idea because fruits and vegetables that are sold washed and cut have already gone through several people’s hands. The more people that touch the food, the higher the chance it get their bacteria. It is better to you buy ingredients on your own to make a fruit salad at home.

Meat products

They’re also forbidden since the American studies confirm that even the most expensive and quality meat products contain nitrates and nitrites which causes cancer. 1 kg of sausage contains 400% more salt and 50% more fat than the same piece of beef. Jerky meat is considered the best when it’s perfectly combined with bread and butter and it’s no worse than sausage.

Raw Brussels sprouts

They’re not considered best for consumption because over the past 20 years, Bill Marler had 30 cases that involved poisoning with raw Brussels sprouts and this is the reason to put them on this list. To avoid E. coli and salmonella, it’s better to fry or bake them at a temperature of at least 160°C.

Sprouted grains

Forbidden because there are presence of E. coli and salmonella in this product, note that we can consider healthy only those grains that haven’t been chemically treated and this is very difficult to check. It is safe to eat grains that were sprouted according to these rules or raw seeds (flax, pumpkin, sunflower), that are beneficial.

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