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A Woman From A Renown Family In Trouble With Her In-laws

Residents of Kangeta in Maua were today involved in a dramatic scene early this morning, after an established family made a decision of chasing away a wife to their son.

The chaotic scene attracted many neighbours along the estate, who got shocked as they had never experienced any misconduct within the family.

It all began when their son got a well paying job abroad.

The Man was to work for two years but the problem was that, he could not have gone with his family and so, he took them back to their parents home.

After a while, his wife started hanging out with a wrong company and eventually started taking liquor, to an extent of being unable to control herself.

The family members tried to warn her, but the all this landed on a deaf ear. This is when they decided to to take her back to her parents, since she was putting the good name of their family to shame.

The parked all her belongings in a lorry and instructed the driver to make sure she alight at her mothers home.

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Kangeta Maua


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