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New Details Emerged Revealing Who Masten Wanjala Used Curfew To Escape From Police Cell

Serial Killer Masten Wanjala has been the talk in town after making it to trick the police officers and escape from the police cell. "How did he escape without being noticed?" Is still the big question within Kenyans.

However, new details have emerged following the escape of the dangerous murderer of over 10 children. According to the news popping in, Wanjala took advantage of the curfew at the police station to make his way out of the cell unnoticed.Masten Wanjala Photo|Courtesy

According to sources, the police officers at Jogoo Road Police station arrested a large crowd of people on Tuesday who were violating curfew regulations and came with them to the station. Since they were so many the officers had no other options than to place some of the curfew violator inside the cell where Wanjala was being held custody.

The officers decided to release the curfew offenders and that is where Wanjala mingled with them and left the cell unnoticed. After some hours it came to the attention of the officers that the killer was missing.

After getting out Wanjala hiked on a cargo trail that took him to his home town Bungoma.

However, on Friday 15th October 2021, Wanjala was lynched by mob to death in Bungoma.Netizens reactions following Wanjala's curfew escape.

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