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Zora: "Hata Hauna Huruma" Oliver Pours the Food Secretly Packed by Neema to Feed Madiba's Children

The episode starts when Neema and Ogola are by the gate chatting at night. Neema had taken food for Ogola who can no longer go to the kitchen after Yola ordered him to stay away. Ogola is taking his evening meal when they heard a knock by the door and the kids were arguing with him not to allow them to go back to a place they had been evicted.

Ogola was hesitant to accept Madiba's kids back into the compound to spend the night. He was afraid that Oliver might stop them from working for him. Finally, he accepted them on the condition that he picks them before the cockcrow.

Lila and Fila spent the night at Neema's bedroom and in the morning she promised to park some food for them after taking breakfast. Unfortunately, in the process of parking, Oliver noticed something queer about her behavior in the kitchen and watched her as she parks food. She followed her and poured food that was meant for the kids. The incident was so sad the may cost Neema her job.

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Fila Hata Hauna Huruma Lila Neema Ogola


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