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Husband and wife relationship

'' I Helped My Husband Secure 150K Loan, He Immediately Abandoned Us'' Nairobi Woman Explains

A Nairobi lady going by the name Trusilah Onduso has narrated very painful details about her life. She hopes that her life story will be a lesson to any other person who might be tempted to fall into a trap like it happened to her.

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Onduso narrates that her husband and and father of their three kids lost her job and she decided to help him secure a 150k from a bank through her sacco. According to Onduso, what happened to her immediately after the disbursement of the loan remains a nightmare.

Onduso is clear that her husband vanished and moved out their house immediately. She is now grappling with payment of the huge loan because it's due yet the father of her kids cannot be found.

According to Onduso, her life has been a total hell because she doesn't know where to start. Her kids are sleeping hungry yet her husband is body in clubs chewing other women and enjoying the money.

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Nairobi Onduso Trusilah Onduso


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