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River that has affected the health of many people

It is touching,when we remember the disposal of chemical wastes and untreated sewages into rivers. The issue of Nairobi river being a dumping site came sometimes back but remained unsolved.Another river with the same effect is at Utawala .

The residents have aroused concerns about status of the river and disposal of wastes to it to no avail.The has costed the healthy bog many people through dangerous diseases such as Typhoid,cholera and malaria.The clear picture was brought by one man who didn't want to identify himself.He narrated the story of how his family has spent alot of money for health of his family.

He said said that every month one member of his family is affected by one of the diseases which has sluggished his progress.

The residents use the water directly from the river e.g for cooking ,drinking washing and bathing.I found out that the cost of water is so high and many are unable to meet.Twenty litres container costs at thirty shillings.Which is to high if you have a family that needs almost a hundred litres daily to sustain them.Not talking about food, school fees.

The residents are crying for water department to arrange for cheap clean water in the area .This will reduce infection from water borne diseases.

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