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Story Of A Woman Who Was Drugged By A Touch Reveals What Happened Next When She Felt Dizzy

Photo: (Courtesy) Busy street in Nairobi.

It would appear that the crooks responsible for the drugging incidents in Nairobi have developed new ways to lure their victims, with physical contact being the method of choice.

A woman recently reported being drugged by mere touch in Nairobi's central business district. To our relief, she managed to escape unscathed.

Lydia Wanjiru is the woman's name, and she is a popular TikTok and YouTube creator. She described being contacted by a woman on Tom Mboya Street who pretended to be weak and needed assistance in a video. After being touched by the woman, she began to feel dizzy.

Looking over her shoulder, she noticed the homeless woman was still watching her. She suddenly recognized that she had come into contact with something designed to render her unconscious instantly.

She said her assailant was likely after her laptop, phone, or cash, all of which she carried in her backpack.

When more sophisticated methods became available, the most popular way to drug someone in public was to have them sniff a piece of fabric or a hand that had been laced with a narcotic. Victims of such attacks, which are widespread in crowded areas, have documented their experiences on social media.

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